Images for presenting architectural, interior design, lighting design and product applications. Includes commercial, residential and industrial properties. Services designed for the individual needs of Architects, Interior Designers, Lighting Consultants, and Product Manufacturers. Includes still, rolling and and panoramic video presentaions.

Post Processes

Images captured using bracketing to enable post processing to capture details in highlights and shadows lost in single image capture. Image processing to eliminate lens distortion, keystoning and parallax, as well as image exposure stacking and resolution enhancement and resizing is included to produce files of high quality and resolution to any required file size, to suit final end use.

Equipment Utilized

Equipment includes 45MP mirrorless Cannon R5 camera w/ full frame sensor (no lens cropping effect) with still and 4K and 8K video capture capability. Lenses ranging from 15mm-240mm are employed. All images captured using tripod with ball head and leveling. Remote camera control is utilized to eliminate any camera movement for sharpest capture. Active image viewing via laptop or tablet during the photo shoot is employed to preview images captured. Auxiliary lighting (flash, LED, and halogen sources), reflective panels and light blocking, plus neutral backdrops also employed to deliver the highest quality detail and quality.

Rolling Linear and Panoramic Video

Linear and panoramic video provides a unique 3D presentation to add dimension to a spatial experience. Video is edited to useable views prior to delivery, or can be delivered in full form for customer editing to suit.

File Transfer

See Services for complete image specification capabilities. File transfer via wireless connection to desired web site or ftp site available on site, or in post-processing per request. Transfer in-process can also be accommodated on-site through HotSpot connectivity. We also transfer files through our own secure ftp server.

Contact us and let us know what you would like done.

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